Preliminary through Completion/Compliance for Wetland Permitting
Birch Bay Bible Community Church, Whatcom County, WA

Phased Development Plan

  • Full build out development
  • Building for worship, religious purposes, & public meeting space
  • Sidewalks, asphalt access roads, & parking areas
  • Sports ministry field
  • Septic drain field, curtain drain, biofiltration swales, rain gardens, & detention pond


39,949 square feet (0.92 acre) wetland fill


  • Watershed Approach implemented using information obtained from the Birch Bay Watershed Characterization & Watershed Planning Pilot Study conducted by Ecology
  • 45,575 square feet (1.05 acres) offsite wetland creation
  • 38,616 square feet (0.89 acre) onsite/offsite wetland rehabilitation
  • 89,298 square feet (2.05 acres) onsite/offsite buffer enhancement

Interagency (Local, State, & Federal) Project Coordination

  • Corps: Section 404 IP
  • Ecology: Section 401 WQC
  • Whatcom County Hearing Examiner
  • First Reasonable Use
  • First Development Agreement
  • Whatcom County Planning & Development Department
  • SEPA Determination of Non-Significance
  • Zoning Conditional Use Permit
  • First Alternatives Analysis Agreement
  • First Reasonable Use Permit Process
Pre Development November 2009
Offsite Mitigation March 2012
Offsite Mitigation May 2019

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