Preliminary Existing Conditions Valuation Study for Town Relocation
Town of Hamilton Environmental Baseline Valuation Study, Hamilton, WA

In 2009, ATSI reviewed approximately 436 acres within the Town of Hamilton. The purpose of the study was to conduct a baseline investigation of existing conditions within the Floodway & Floodplain of the Skagit River including:

Development & land uses (commercial & residential development, agricultural, & undeveloped areas)
Presence, location, & approximate extent of biological critical areas (wetlands, streams, habitats, & their regulated buffers)
Baseline information was used to:


Impacts/costs associated with repeated flooding upon developed areas
Ecological impacts/costs associated with repeated flooding
Ecological goods & services provided within the study area
Potential impacts/costs & benefits to downstream properties & resources
And make recommendations for…
Areas & opportunities suitable for potential habitat rehabilitation, restoration, enhancement, & creation
Reducing environmental sources of toxins, garbage, & ecological impacts within the study area & affecting the Skagit River & Salish Sea
Areas requiring further study

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