Making Sustainability Possible:

Since 1982

Environmental Science, Land Use, & Mitigation 

Environmental Science

Our team is really good at helping with wetland work, keeping shorelines safe, looking after animal habitats, and inspecting water after storms. We use new and smart ways, combined with a lot of experience, to make sure our work is good for a long time, follows all the rules, and lets people and nature get along well. We’re dedicated to helping you look after the environment in the best way possible.

Land Use

Boost your project with our expert help in checking if it’s possible, getting all the needed approvals, managing your project professionally, and doing special soil and water checks. We offer top-notch advice, quick help with permits, detailed project supervision, and we make sure it’s eco-friendly. Our aim is to help your project do well while taking care of the planet. Let our know-how turn your project into a success.


Make your environment project the best it can be with our complete services, including really good planting, careful setting up, active care, and detailed checks of stormwater. We focus on helping nature grow strong, making sure everything follows the rules, and working towards lasting success. Our expert team will help and guide you through every part of your project, making it even better.

What some of our great clients have to say about us

The team at ATSI is great to work with and they have done a very detailed and professional job. Karla is extremely experienced in this field.

– Jason Ragsdale, Pres.

ATSI has a staff of hard-working professionals who bring expertise and dedication to their jobs. They are a pleasure to work with and can always be relied upon to do an excellent job.

– Board of Directors



With a legacy since 1988, we’ve successfully served 1,750+ clients across 40,500+ acres of public/private land, navigating biological permitting and consultation at all levels. We expertly handle diverse project sizes, from tracts exceeding 1,000 acres to parcels under 1 acre, across commercial, residential, and public facilities.

Our expansive reach spans Whatcom, Skagit, Island, San Juan, Snohomish, and King counties, with clients in Washington, Alaska, and Canada. We offer specialist consulting to numerous local jurisdictions, state and federal agencies, and sovereign nations, including the Upper Skagit, Nooksack, and Lummi Native Tribes. Trust us for unmatched proficiency in biological critical area assessment.