ATSI provides a variety of environmental science, land use, and mitigation related services. We take pride in our broad range of knowledge and abilities, which allows a nuanced approach to each project we take on.

Environmental Science

In-Depth Risk Assessment: Comprehensive field visits, precise area analysis, and custom-drawn critical area maps for both Wetland (RAWR) and Land Use Reviews (RALUS).Expert Project Consultation: Utilize our experience to guide you through the complexities of project permitting.

Thorough Critical Area Mapping (CAM): Detailed wetland delineation, OHWM determination, and Habitat Conservation Areas (HCAs) identification, including potential project-specific critical areas.

Strategic Mitigation/Restoration Plan: Based on your site plan and our CAM, we’ll deliver a plan that minimizes impacts and optimizes restoration efforts.

Comprehensive Critical Area Report (CAR/CAAR): Expertly crafted document that meets jurisdictional requirements, including the CAM and Mitigation Plan.

Specialized Biological Site Assessment (for Island/Skagit Counties): Thorough analysis of nearby wildlife habitats and wetland delineation to support project feasibility.

Detailed As Built Assessment: Post-installation CAD map and detailed review of the mitigation site, with expert recommendations to meet performance standards.

Regular Monitoring: Annual or bi-annual site visits for 5-10 years, inclusive of CAD mapping, photographic documentation, health assessment, and performance enhancement recommendations.

Special Ecological Services: Atypical and Detailed Mosaic Delineation for complex wetland scenarios, as well as comprehensive Wildlife Surveys.

Strategic Tree Retention Plan: Preserve the ecological balance while maximizing project value.

    Land Use

    Expert Consulting: Engage in strategic meetings with clients and regulators, perform comprehensive land use and ecological feasibility assessments, facilitate productive collaboration with other firms, and create meticulously detailed site plans.

    Streamlined Permitting: Facilitate a smooth permitting process, covering aspects from land disturbance and site plan review to applications for Joint Aquatic Resource Permits (JARPA), Section 401 Water Quality Certifications, State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) compliance, as well as securing critical area, shoreline, and zoning variances. Our expertise ensures your project advances swiftly and efficiently through regulatory processes.


    Expert Planting and Installation: Our team provides meticulous planting and installation, ensuring the best start for your project.

    Comprehensive Maintenance: We take the burden of maintenance off your shoulders, providing consistent, high-quality care for your environment.

    Complete Stormwater Management: Our certified Erosion Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) performs thorough inspections and discharge sampling, offering peace of mind and compliance, culminating in a detailed stormwater report.

    Skilled Project Management: Our expert team manages all public relations and subcontracting needs, ensuring a smooth project progression.

    Efficient Drainage Solutions: We specialize in draining catch basins and dredging stormwater ponds, maximizing the effectiveness of your drainage system.

    Strategic Infrastructure Planning: We create permanent access points and control vegetation, enhancing the functionality and appeal of your site.