Tony Gallina

Tony Gallina

Director of Operations

My mission in life is to testify to the world, God’s Love for the world.

When Karla asked me to help organize ATSI in 2019 after Covid closed down the work I was doing, I felt obligated to support her. My past experience in sales, entrepreneurship, commercial real estate sales & leasing, construction, coaching, mental health case management, and business management, not to mention the fact that we are married and I want to help my wife, made me the perfect person for this work.

Since I joined the team at ATSI,  the amount the environmental work we have produced has doubled, both in number of projects and revenue. I have implemented new sales, marketing, estimating, contracting, mapping, documentation, data collection, IT, human resources, supervisory, and financial systems.

We have expanded the scope of our work to include, land use consulting, mitigation installation, small civil construction jobs, project management, general contracting, as well as storm water inspection and maintenance.

 As we continue to develop new aspects of the company and refine our current processes our work and our team is sure to go through some changes. Nevertheless, becase we are focused on our mission, Making Sustainability Possible, we have become more and more clear about what we are doing as well as more effective in doing it.


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