Tony Gallina

Tony Gallina

Operations Manager

My mission in life is to testify to the world God’s Love for the world.

I love helping people feel respected, understood, and hopeful. The challenge of listening to and then adjusting myself to other people’s needs is exciting and rewarding. I work out how to actually do that mostly in the mundane things of my work and life, like the day-to-day interactions with my team and clients.

Iv recently read that “Culture is the by-product of constant behavior” and I agree. I enjoy coaching the team on honesty, creativity, and growth. I think it makes them feel like what they are doing at work is bigger than just what we do at work. Like what they are doing at ATSI is actually helping them in their personal life, not just financially.

Environmental consulting was never something I dreamt of doing for my life. Karla, my wife, had purchased the company in 2018 and at the onset of covid she asked for my help running a mitigation project. I started to take on more and more responsibility coaching the team (since iv been an athletic coach for much of my life) and with the 10+ years of customer service and sales (including being responsible for the sale of over 3.5 million square feet of built-to-suit commercial real estate) I was great fit for me to be the first and main contact for most of our clients.

Although I know enough environmental science to be dangerous, I am learning more and more every day about what the biologist actually do professionally.

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