Tony Gallina

Tony Gallina

Director of Operations

My mission is to testify to the world, God’s love to the world.

Through ecological stewardship, I aim to give a voice to the marginalized. The effects on people, especially the poor and vulnerable, are normally disregarded when considering ecological degradation. More than anything, I love helping to heal the world.

I also love my wife…

…It’s a very rare thing to work in a family business, and I am grateful to have the amazing opportunity to do so.

When Karla asked me to help organize ATSI in 2019, my experience in sales, business, mental health services, and customer service made me a perfect partner for Karla’s scientific genius. ATSI’s environmental work and revenue doubled since I joined. I helped to implement new systems and hire the people who could do a better job than both of us.

We expanded services to include land use consulting, mitigation installation, small civil construction, project management, general contracting, and stormwater.

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