Preliminary through Completion/Compliance for Wetland Permitting
The Meadows Single Family Housing Development, Ferndale, WA

Ecology WQC & Corps NWP


57,694 square feet (1.32 acres) Category IV wetland fill
35,089 square feet (0.81 acre) Category IV wetland “paper fill”
20,024 square feet (0.46 acre) upland buffer impact


75,394 square feet (1.73 acres) wetland creation
150,758 square feet (3.46 acres) wetland enhancement
480,058 square feet (11.02 acres) upland buffer enhancement

Wetland Creation Before Install March 2014
Wetland Creation During Install April 2016
Wetland Creation Year 0 Monitoring June 2018
Wetland Creation Year 0 Monitoring October 2019

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