Molly Harding

Molly Harding

Staff Ecologist II & Project Manager

Molly Harding graduated from College of the Environment (former Huxley) at WWU with a BS in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Environmental Toxicology. She interned with Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association monitoring the salmon spawning grounds in Whatcom County. Ms. Harding volunteered with Skagit Salmon Enhancement Group conducting vegetation monitoring at restoration sites in Skagit County. For two years on Orcas Island as Program Coordinator with Kwiaht: The Historical Ecology of the Salish Sea, she was lead steward of Indian Island National Monument and led citizen scientist teams conducting field work and community outreach and education. In Bristol Bay and Southeast Alaska, Ms. Harding worked two summers as a Deck Hand on fishing tenders in the salmon fisheries. She volunteered with the Whatcom Marine Resource Committee for two years where she sat alongside stakeholders and supported with decision making and provided recommendations to city leaders. Now, as Staff Environmental Scientist with ATSI, Ms. Harding proudly advocates for wetlands and assists with responsible development and growth in this beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest. Ms. Harding lives on Lummi Island with her partner, pooch, and kitten.

Education & Professional Development:

  • Associates in Arts & Science from Whatcom Community College
  • Bachelor of Science from College of the Environment, Western Washington University
  • Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead ID #11292111 11/29/2021 Expires 11/29/2024
  • Wetland Delineation Certified 12/6/21
  • Ordinary High Water Mark Determination Certified 10/11/21

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