Karla Gallina

Karla Gallina, BS, PWS, CERP

Owner/ Principal Biologist

Mrs. Gallina has a BS degree in environmental science with a concentration in natural resources from Paul Smith’s College in New York. She is a PWS (#2340) certified through the SWS PCP and CERP (#0161) certified through the SER CERP program. Mrs. Gallina has experience managing and coordinating projects, conducting biological critical area assessments, identifying and delineating wetlands, performing wildlife surveys, preparing technical reports, mitigation design, and generating figures and maps using AutoCAD. She has been working as a wetland professional with ATSI since January 2008. Her prior experience includes work as a forest surveyor, environmental/pathology laboratory technician, and fisheries biology technician. Mrs. Gallina also has a passion for interior and exterior design and enjoys all wetland animals except snakes.

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